Furniture Assembly & Disassembly Services

Install, Assemble, Repair & More

Did you buy your ideal living room set, but don’t have any idea where to put it together? Save yourself this kind of frustration, trying to understand the instructions as Right 1 Assembly experts can assemble home furniture quickly and elegantly, without breaking a sweat.

No matter which rooms in your home need a makeover, choosing the natural look of wood is a design choice that can match any decor. Are you thinking, “Is there a carpenter near me I can trust with the skill to get the job done right?” Well, wonder no more! With an average of 10 years of experience, our home improvement professionals are skilled and experienced carpenters and furniture builders. You’ll find the professionalism you expect and the attention to detail your home deserves with each of our furniture services.


Furniture Assembly

Right after we deliver your item, we can go through the installation process of you want us to. We love to make easy for you so we will cover everything in the job for you. From unpacking to fitting the item to the place of location up to assembly – we will do it for you. If the walls need to be drilled and you need dowels and screw installation, we will do it for you too. We will even move all the hindrance to the installation and haul debris for you. Moreover, if you need instruction, consultation or demonstration from our staff, they will willing give it to you. Just ask.

Custom Shelving & Bookcases

If you've always wanted built-in bookcases but thought they were out of reach for your budget, think again. Our carpenter services can build and install shelves, bookcases, and other storage elements using the finest woods available. You pick the look you want and the storage you need, and we'll take it from there. Whether you need us to build custom wood storage that fits your space requirements or want help installing your own, you get the same professional service and guaranteed results.


When it's time to replace your old countertops in the kitchen, a custom wood design is an ideal option. Whether you have your heart set on teak or tigerwood, bamboo, or butcher block, we can build and install custom kitchen counters that fit your style. Our wood countertops are as elegant and beautiful as they are durable and long-lasting, so you can count on a timeless look and functionality for years to come. We use only the highest quality and most attractive wood to build custom pieces for your home because we wouldn't use anything else in ours. Our decades of experience, beautiful work, and guaranteed results are always part of the package when you choose Right 1 Assembly for carpentry services. From traditional home decor to the more modern, we can build and install custom woodwork that will help transform your home. You won't find better carpenter services or better customer care than with Mr. Handyman.

Furniture Warehouse Inspection
Right 1 Assembly will pick your furniture and receive it in our warehouse. We will unpack it and check it out for you. Rest assured that our team of experienced and expert staff would do a thorough inspection of your furniture. With our eye for details, we guarantee that we will find any flaw in the package if there is.
Once we found one, we will do the revision process for you. We will return it the store for an exchange. Right after we guarantee that no flaw is present in your furniture, we all pack it for you.
As we are always looking for our clients, no need to come and get from here. We will deliver the item right to your doorstep in an accurate time.
Ordering Requested Furniture

Is there specific furniture you are looking for? Can’t find it? We might be of help. We are now selling furniture right here. We are aware how much difference our furniture needs are. With that instead of settling with one furniture specialty, we are offering a broader range of selection for you. This service is in accordance with our shop list and vendor codes. Here, we are not just going to find you the furniture you are looking for – we will pick it up ourselves from the store just for you.

Furniture Assembly & Disassembly Services Services

Install, Assemble, Repair & More

Furniture Assembly & Disassembly Services Services

Install, Assemble, Repair & More

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